Locked-down citizens across the world dress up to take out the trash in online meme

“Basically the bin goes out more than us, SO let’s dress up for the occasion!” said Danielle Askew, from Queensland, Australia.

People around the world are celebrating rare opportunities to leave the house by dressing in their finest clothes to take out the trash.

Followers of the trend from New South Wales to New York are sharing photos online of themselves donning prom dresses, superman costumes and their Sunday best to make the most of a rare trip outside. One woman even wore her old wedding dress for the task.

“So basically the bin goes out more than us, SO let’s dress up for the occasion!” wrote Facebook group Bin Isolation Outing founder Danielle Askew, 47, a kindergarten teacher from Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia.

Askew’s group has more than 800,000 members and clocks hundreds of posts a day, as well as inspiring other groups around the world. A photo of Askew herself in a floor-length aqua ballgown and gold crown graces page’s header.

“The concept has taken off because people are social beings and because we’re isolated away from everyone, this is a great way that we’re able to reach out to mankind, make friends, have a laugh, and still stay sane while we are isolated,” said Askew.

“John and Patricia have ‘bin’ married for 65 years today!” posted one woman alongside a photo of an elderly couple clinking champagne glasses in front of a trash can decked out with flowers and a white tablecloth. “Unfortunately their party has ‘bin’ cancelled but dad was still able to take mum on a special outing.”

Sean Leland of Roblin, Canada and his wife Christie have multiple pre-existing conditions that put them at higher risk of contracting the virus. Leland says dressing up as a pirate and a superhero for the weekly chore helps boost morale “during these tedious worrying times”.

Thinking up new costumes also comes as “a welcome break” from homeschooling screen-time for Lora Foster-Cave, 49, from Delaware County, NY and 12 year-old son Trace. In their first post to the group on Tuesday, Foster-Cave filmed Trace flossing — a popular dance move — next to the trash cans while dressed as a taco.

Foster-Cave says they’re planning another street food costume next. “We’ve been eating a lot of pizza. So I think we have a pizza box or two to dig out of the pile!”